ST 200





The aim of the summer practice program for the junior year students of the Mechanical Engineering Department is to reinforce and improve the theoretical and practical knowledge on manufacturing techniques and engineering drawing acquired in the previously completed coursework (ME 204 Manufacturing Technologies and ME 203 Engineering Drawing courses). Students are therefore required to write a report covering the following topics:


1. Classification and a brief description of the manufacturing techniques employed in the organization (i.e. casting, chip removal processes, press work, welding, heat treatment, forging, injection moulding, etc. Which of these tecniques are being used, how, and for what type of work?)


2. Observation and analysis of manufacturing techniques in each production unit


(a) Number of machines and machine tools (general purpose, special purpose) and their fields of use in the organization


(b) Tecnical drawings of sample workpieces produced on a couple of machine tools in each production unit. A detailed explanation of every stage in the production of the samples, either closely observed or preferably performed by the student himself/herself should be given (the number of sampled parts or products to be analysed should not be less than five)


(c) Cost analysis for at least two of the sampled parts