We believe that all Izmir University of Economics students should gain certain intellectual skills in order to recognize the depth of human knowledge and the responsibilities of concerned and engaged citizens of the world. General Education Courses (GEC) lie at the center of the intellectually transformative mission of IUE and aims to prepare students for meaningful lives of civic and ethical engagement in an ever-changing world. General Education, in essence, augments the specialized abilities students acquire in their departmental study and aims to produce practical wisdom: it asks IUE students to consider how they will best use their liberal arts and sciences educations in order to serve humanity.

This set of courses from across the spectrum of liberal arts and sciences transcends disciplinary boundaries, challenges students to make intellectual connections across various specializations, and explores fascinating social, cultural, scientific, and historical topics while encouraging critical thinking and ethical reasoning, and helping to understand the cultures and values that shape them.

To fulfill General Education requirements, students will take courses from these topical areas:


POOL 004 - GEC- Social Sciences B: Humanities and Social Sciences
Code Pre. Course Name Theory App/Lab Local Credits ECTS
GEHU 203   Modern World History 3 0 3 5
GEHU 204   Fundamentals of Philosophy 3 0 3 6
GEHU 205   Social Problems 3 0 3 6
GEHU 206   Italian Culture 3 0 3 4
GEHU 207   Turkish Cuisine Culture 3 0 3 6
GEHU 209   History of Civilizations I 3 0 3 6
GEHU 210   Principles of Social Sciences I 3 0 3 6
GEHU 215   Introduction to Politics 3 0 3 6
GEHU 301   Storytelling in Brand Communication 3 0 3 5
GEHU 302   Popular Culture 3 0 3 6
GEHU 307   Everyday Life and Sociology 3 0 3 6